The Deeper Dive

In just 6-sessions you’ll activate your unconscious power to identify, understand and begin safely influencing any limiting behaviors of your subconscious mind.

Because only you can journey below your conscious awareness

and in 6 sessions begin to understand how and why you developed the energies of your mind that manage you today.

  • SESSION 1: meet your inner children
  • SESSION 2: ID todays driving energies
  • SESSION 3: Inner-critic to Inner-coach
  • SESSION 4: Learn how to love their voices
  • SESSION 5: Break free
  • SESSION 6: private session

You‘ll begin to appreciate the importance of what you’re learning…

as you meet the researchers who spent half their lives traveling globally, researching teaching, writing books and creating a powerful methodology called Voice Dialogue.

In a private session with Coach Doris you’ll experience Voice Dialogue .

I’ve used multiple learning modalities to enhance your learning.

6 sessions

During the first 5 sessions you’ll be able to watch videos and learn privately, at your convenience, about the unique energetic ways your unconscious mind developed.

  • Downloadable guided mediations for centering.
  • Informative videos you can watch at your convenience,
  • e Workbook to record what you learn.
  • While attending weekly group meeting.

In the 6th and final session you’ll experience a private Voice Dialogue session with Coach Doris..

During this course you’ll:

  • Increase your understanding of unconscious energetic dimensions of your mind psychologists call: Selves, parts, sub-personalities etc.
    • Mental energies created to protect and serve you in all areas of your life.
  • Become equipped to interact with these mental energies.
  • Increase your awareness of how your current relationship with your mental energies may be holding you back from the healing and transformation you so deeply desire.
  • Learn ways to transform energies that currently judge and block you— into allies that support you in fulfilling your heart’s desires and living your true purpose.
  • Feel increasingly balanced, whole, integrated and more compassionate toward others and yourself.
  • Reduce your reactivity to people and situations that trigger difficult feelings and reactions.
  • Get to know and appreciate your Selves better and better. 

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This Series is only offered publicly 4 times each year

The first few to enroll, will select the quarterly schedule for:

  1. start date
  2. weekly group meeting schedule
  3. get 1st choice of available private Voice Dialogue session.

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