Clear limiting Beliefs

If you could magically discreate your limiting beliefs, 

what could you accomplish?

And what could you achieve?

I’ll coach you through magical experiences and the magical lessons for profound transformation.

How will you know, you need to Clear your Beliefs?

Let’s start clearing limiting beliefs

After you enroll, you’ll begin meeting with certified Clear Beliefs Coach Doris Shannon who’ll provide you a customized experience. Utilizing her wide ranging coaching experience from the classroom to the board room.

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  • In 8 one-on-one, in person or online sessions…
  • as I help you identify, clear and replace beliefs limiting you …
  • You’ll learn how.

Coach Doris

As I facilitate…

And during each session….


  1. How to discreate limiting believes and…
  2. How to replace it with empowering beliefs.

Between our session you’ll download educational podcast created by the developer of this magical methodology

So, let’s get started

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