Meet your coach

Coach Doris

The consciousness Whisperer

Your guide

on the journeys

only you can take.

You can’t rewrite how your journey began.

But you can learn how to manage the impact of your unconscious mind’s behaviors on the rest of your journey.

You already know about your journey through this conscious world

Your conscious world is the world you can, see, feel, touch, taste and experience.

But, like most of us you probably have little or no knowledge of your more powerful unconscious world.

  • The world that operates within you, in some ways, like programs.
  • An extraordinarily powerful unconscious inner world developed within you, as a result of all your familial, community and cultural life experiences.

This powerful mental energy, you unconsciously created to protect yourself and successfully grow up. Energy that has morphed over time; and may now be limiting you.

Fortunately, all programs can be revised and updated!

We all learned, either in school or on our jobs, that every kind of program needs to be periodically evaluated and updated. Both manual programs and automated programs.

But, if no one told you we all have unconscious mental programs! If no one warned you that some of the mental programs that protected and served you, as you were growing up, might one day need updating.

How could you know!

I personally identified one of my unconscious programs. A protective mental program I created to feel safe, after a trauma at the age of 5. A programI was unaware of.. that has limited my ability to achieve a fulfilling romantic relationships, over my entire lifetime….. I didn’t know!…. I just didn’t know!

NOW! I’m determined to help you Wake Up.

Wake up and learn steps, you can take, to become aware, understand and begin self-managing your inner journeys… In concert with your Higher Guidance.

I’ve been preparing all my life to support you!

After retiring from my 1st career.

After a 30-year career as a human resource executive,I’ve become a coach and educator.

I’ve dedicated myself to helping individuals like you, achieve success. Achieve success while learning in school, success while making career choices and success while living a purposeful retirement.

But, it was not until I began to study the global research of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, noted psychologists, that I began to understand most of us are unconscious of the impact our unconscious mind is having on our life choices.

Research that explains how and why all unconscious minds develop. But…

Now, I’ve been trained, certified, experienced and readied to teach you all about about the…

Globally proven transformative theories and methodologies that help to empower a more conscious you.

I bring with me deep and diverse coach training and certifications

Before you go…..Let me share what clients are saying….

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